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Hi, I'm Monica Beeder, a fourth-year economics Ph.D. Research Scholar at the Department of Economics at Norwegian School of Economics and affiliated with FAIR, Chr. Michelsen Institute and Development Learning Lab. During the fall of 2023 I was visting CLEAN and LEAP at the Bocconi University in Italy.

I am currently on the job market 2023-2024, and you can read my CV here and my job market paper here .

My main research interests are development economics, conflict economics, and economics of crime. I am working on cocaine production and violence in Colombia. I am also working on ethnic identity and discrimination in Ethiopia. Thirdly, I am working on military drones and radicalization in an African context.

Additionally, I am devoted to transparency, reproducibility, and replication in academic research. Before starting my Ph.D. I worked as an RA on a replication project, and I am currently part of a meta-study on replication by The Institute for Replication (I4R).

I hold an MA in Economics from the University of Bergen, where the focus was on economic shocks and drug-related violence in Colombia.

Previously, I have been studying Political Economy, Peace and Conflict Studies, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin-American culture studies in Argentina, Brazil, Nepal, Nicaragua, Portugal, and Spain.

I am also working as an international election observer for Norway. This year I have been short-term observing the elections in Kazakhstan and Guatemala.

You can also read about my Research, my Teaching and my outreach in Media .

You can find my contact information here.